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Julius Caesar Considered the first emperor of Rome. Assassinated by Brutus, Cassius, and others who believed Caesar was too ambitious.
Octavius Caesar Caesar's nephew. Comes to Rome after Caesar's death and joins forces with Marcus Antonius.
Marcus Antonius Friend of Caesar. He leads the attack against Caesar's killers.
Marcus Brutus One of Caesar's killers. He is the most honorable of all the conspirators because he truly believes that killing Caesar is for the good of Rome.
Cassius The main conspirator to kill Caesar. He manipulates people and events to further his own goals. He persuades Brutus into joining the conspiracy because he knows that if he can gain Brutus' aid, the others will back his cause.
Casca One of Caesar's killers. He was the first to strike.
Trebonius One of Caesar's killers.
Ligarius One of Caesar's killers.
Decius Brutus One of Caesar's killers.
Metellus Cimber One of Caesar's killers.
Cinna One of Caesar's killers.
Artemidorus Good friend of Caesar who tries to warn him of the plot to kill him, but is not successful.
Calphurnia Caesar's wife.
Portia Brutus' wife.
Soothsayer Makes the prediction that Caesar will be killed.
There are other minor characters that are not listed here.  See your copy of Julius Caesar for more details.